Social Media Optimization

Social Media OptimizationSocial Media Optimization

The buzzword in internet marketing today is social media marketing & optimization. Social Media Optimization or SMO is about implementing changes or designing your website so that it is linked to various social media like RSS, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ as well as being included in related blogs and vlogs. As more and more people get on the social media bandwagon, the importance of SMO has preceded SEO. In fact, the former is now seen to be a driving force for the latter.

At ClicksUSA we offer our expertise in Social Media Optimization in Miami and the entire USA. Our solutions are innovative and customized. The social media-marketing scene is complex and fast changing in Miami, USA and entire world. We are the best equipped firm to help you deal with all that is required to create the buzz. We offer our best social media marketing, strategies that are guaranteed to put you across the web.

So why do you need SMO? Consider its many advantages:


VisibilityIt increases your visibility across the web. Not only does one see your company name when checking their Facebook first thing in the morning, it also appears on blogs, trade sites and other popular web hangouts.


ReachWith the right social media marketing tools you can reach customers far beyond Miami. These random surfers may not have any specific interest in your product or service at this time. However, the visibility of your brands ensures that they can recall it later.

Driving SEO

Driving SEOSearch engines are increasingly looking at social media monitoring tools to determine their SEO rankings. Big search engines like Google are now focusing on the content and user experience to determine their rankings.


CredibilitySMO also focuses on blogs and vlogs. Today many of them have very high following and offer an excellent platform for branding. They provide credibility in the mind on the reader.

Social experience

Social ExperienceSMO fuels the readers involvement in your product. This comes in the form of content created by the customer, such as feedback, questions, discussions, sharing, their likes and more. This adds interest in your product and keeps you in the news.

Clearly, SMO has many advantages and no business can afford to ignore its potential to change the online space.


So why should you go for ClicksUSA? What makes us the best Social Media Marketing firm in Miami?

  • We understand the electric and individualistic web space where the content and the surfer is the king. We use social media monitoring tools to gauge the mood and chatter on the web space. We offer our expert and experience to help you engage with the people out there.
  • Every business is different and so are its customers. This is why we come up with the best social media marketing, strategies that have been completely tailored to suit your needs.
  • We offer innovative solutions that will help you company stand apart. On the web where your competitor is just a click away, our social media marketing consultants have the verve, flair and expertise to keep you in the news and as a trending name.
  • We are a professional team and take pride in our efficiency and effective. We guarantee work that is fast, professional and we always deliver on our promises.
  • Last, but not the least, we offer our services at a very reasonable cost. With a little expense, you can avail an incredible branding and advertising opportunity. We offer customized solutions at packages that will suit you.